5 Best Genesis Child Themes

The Genesis Framework is among the most popular and powerful theme frameworks that empowers novice and advanced developers, even non-developers, to build amazing websites with WordPress. True to what StudioPress claims, it is the foundation of any smart WP site design that features search engine optimization, responsive designs, impenetrable security, unlimited options for customization, lightweight and high-performance code, speed, instant updates, and superb customer support. Now that we’ve covered that and you’re convinced that this framework is for you, explore the best of the best Genesis child themes.

Sixteen Nine Genesis Theme

Considered to be among the most robust Genesis child themes, Sixteen Nine from StudioPress offers a sleek, professional look to WordPress websites with its simple yet stunning façade. Above all other features, what sets this apart from others is its mobile responsiveness and HTML5 foundation that enables your WP website to be compatible with different browsers as well as future changes to the web. The header and background can be personalized for a more unique look to your business, personal, or services website.

sixteen nine genesis theme

Eleven40 Pro Genesis Child Theme

The Eleven40 Pro Theme is one of the most widely-used StudioPress Genesis child themes. With an elegant, clean layout that boasts of unprecedented spaciousness with crisp typography; more of the readers’ attention is drawn to the content of your site. This is best used for professional business websites as well as writing and editing services sites, but can also be used on any business or blog niche that commands a sleek look. With the Eleven40 Pro theme, wider is better but the design still looks amazing on phones and tablets.


TechMagazine Genesis Theme

Designed by Vivek from WP Stuffs, the TechMagazine Theme is one of the best magazine/news-inspired layouts made for Genesis Framework. Aside from the general benefits you can get from Genesis child themes, the TechMagazine’s key features include a variety of catchy layout options and color styles integrated with refined typography and aesthetics. Another plus is TechMagazine’s many different widget areas useful for displaying newsletter forms, ad banners, etc.


(in)SPYR Genesis Theme

(in)SPYR is another robust Genesis Framework child theme that comes from a third party developer – the SPYR Media. Its highlights include the responsive design and rock solid structure. When bought, this comes in a bundle of three custom themes that can further be stylized with a variety of attractive color schemes and multiple layout options. The theme serves 5 wigetized areas and supports 2 WordPress menus.

Mindstream Genesis-based Theme

One of StudioPress’ best Genesis child themes, Mindstream is a responsive WordPress theme that comes in a ‘tumblelog’ layout. This theme features a brilliant, streamlined style that looks upbeat and inspired. What makes this option standout from the rest of the Genesis-based themes is its unique ability to display 9 post formats from audios, asides, chat, galleries, links, photos, quotes, statuses, to videos. It comes in three different layout options. Because it is ideal for short catchy or long article posts, it is often used for personal and business blogging which is very useful for building and strengthening brands.

Why You Should Choose Genesis Framework

For WordPress users – whether beginners or seasoned, one notable trend that you’ll notice is a lot of them use and recommend Genesis Theme Framework.  By understanding what draws these people to use Genesis on their own as well as their clients’ WP sites, you’ll discover a multitude of reasons why you too should choose Genesis Framework.

Fact is – Genesis 2.0 is among the most popular and is widely considered to the most powerful theme frameworks in the market today. If you are one of those clueless starters who have no idea why it is highly recommended for developers and even for non-developers, here are the many benefits of using it for your site:

Responsive Designs Built on HTML5

With the Genesis Theme Framework, gone are the days when you have to make sure that your WP site is device compatible. HTML5 is the new code standard that makes websites compatible to possible web changes in the future. Responsive designs allow your website to display correctly no matter what the browser or screen size of the device – mobile or computer, it is being accessed from.  This same feature also improves the website’s capacity to deliver quality video and audio, and positively impacts overall user experience.

Image credit: Studiopress.com

Image credit: Studiopress.com

Easy Customization in Lightweight Code

The Genesis Framework together with its awesome child themes boast of a clean and lightweight code that awesome developers from StudioPress have obsessed over. Lightweight code equals fast page load and we are not discussing seconds here, but milliseconds.

When it comes to customization, the most advanced developers to the most inexperienced users can easily create changes to their websites. Some of the most outstanding features of this framework that allow for fast tweaks include:

  • Theme and Layout Options – there are many readily available color schemes and layout which can further be personalized.
  • Widget Ready – WordPress widgets can easily be added or changed to make your site powerful and functional. Without any knowledge in coding, anyone can use simple widgets to create opt-in forms, sidebars, social media sharing buttons, and more.
  • Comment Functionality – engages conversation and reader loyalty.
  • Advertising Ready – it’s easy to earn money from advertising. Just insert codes into text widgets and the advertisements are up and ready to collect additional revenue for you.
  • Stable – even with the countless possibilities you can do to personalize your website, any update to the Genesis Theme Framework won’t affect your customizations.

Search Engine Optimized

We’d have to admit it – the efforts and cost of building a website and creating all the content and media in it will be useless if the site will not rank well. By ranking high in search engines, a website has a better chance of attracting the leads and prospects it needs to keep the business alive and going. Whatever the website is offering – information, products, services; it has to reach its target audience to thrive. And to help achieve the best ranking for your site, Genesis Framework offers a clean, optimized code integrated with smart design architecture.


Aside from the powerful brains behind the development of Genesis that continually makes sure that performance, security, and functionality are above standard; this Theme Framework and its child themes are well-supported by StudioPress as well as a huge community of other developers and non-developers who use it. When having problems or questions, there are many options for users to get viable solutions. You can submit a support ticket to StudioPress, or get quicker response from support forums where skilled and knowledgeable designers are ready to help other designers and novice users. The Genesis community is huge and packed with amazing people ready to help out.

5 Design Tips for Sports Websites

When designing a website, it is important to catch the readers’ attention immediately. Most users won’t even enter or select other pages on your site, if you don’t have a design that stands apart from others. When designing an extreme sports site it is important to keep the it simple. Simplicity avoids users from being overwhelmed and lost. You do not want your users’ thinking, “What’s this website about.” You want them to know immediately. With that in mind, here are 5 design tips for sports websites.

1. Showcase Photos of Action Shots: Extreme sport participants only care about one thing, excitement. No other sports give people a more intense rush and your website should show that on your homepage. Grab the users’ attention and make them feel part of the images. Let their imagination take over. Remember to use professional photography. Here are some ideas for action shots.

  • Show pictures of an air dog snowboarder landing intense arial tricks.
  • Show a skydiver turning flips in mid-air.
  • Show a rock climber using an ascender off the side of a cliff.

2. Put Key Information on Every Page: When users search the web, many different pages show in the results. Ideally, you want your homepage to be within the list. However, this does not always happen perfectly. Sometimes users will be directed to sub-pages on your site. For example, a user may click on the first result which happens to take them to your FAQ page. You want every page to have links to your homepage, as well, as the most important information. Examples of important information, if company name, phone number and city. You don’t want users to feel lost and go back to the search results.

3. Bright Colors/Simple Background: It is important to enhance the products you are advertising with radiant and bold colors. For example, ThePaintballProfessor does a great job showcasing paintball guns on its website. Design popular brands and equipment with bright colors. These are the things that users will recognize. You want them to know exactly what your website is about. In order to make this more successful, use a simple base background. Usually, different shades of grey will draw eyes towards the more bold colors.

4. Mobile Friendly: In today’s technical world, people are spending more time on their phones than an actual computer. Because of this, it is extremely important to have a mobile site as an option. Nothing turns a user off more than having to maximize and minimize to see information. You want your mobile site to be clean and simple. You can choose to have a mobile app for your site or have the site automatically sense a mobile device and show accordingly.

5. News Section: Much of your traffic will be interested in the latest news and trends in their sports. See this section will keep users on your site and increase the likelihood of them clicking on more sub-pages. Here are a few examples of things you can highlight in your news section.

  • List current rankings and standings.
  • Highlight upcoming competitions.
  • Current weather for popular extreme sporting places, such as, ski resorts or mountains.
  • Live updates.

Keeping your sports site simple and easy to maneuver is the key to keeping traffic. Following the above tips will assist you in making your site a popular result.

Genesis WordPress Theme Review

Having a great looking website that appeals to visitors is something very important to many online businesses, but looks alone won’t make the site great. Having an easy to navigate website, where visitors can easily find what they’re searching for is also very important. For example, we recently created a website for the police department called policeofficercareershq.com. Their main service is teaching someone how to become a police officer. Our goal for the site design was to make sure, when a visitor comes to the site. They can find what they are looking for very easy. So although site design is very crucial, it shouldn’t be given too much value. There are many businesses out there that have amazing looking websites, yet it is very hard to tell what service they are offering.

When building websites, our favorite platform has been WordPress, using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. Although their theme doesn’t have that wow factor, visitors can very easily tell what the sites are about and what services our clients is providing.

Our Genesis Review

Very Easy To Use

The Genesis Framework theme is one of the easiest to use themes on the market. One of the biggest hurdles developers have when they take over a website is another person’s unfinished job, but with the Genesis Framework, the difficulty is no longer there. Everything is very well documented and standardized. Making handovers, or team development super easy. Developing on a Genesis WordPress theme will save a lot of time and money. The two things people cherish most.

Strong Community

The Genesis Framework became very popular very fast, and is used by many developers, creating a very huge community of Genesis users. There are thousands of websites that have Genesis powered WordPress themes and a lot of developers developing themes based on it, so when a problem arises, finding any documentation shouldn’t be a problem. Studiopress themselves published their own official documentation and many other developers document their Genesis tweaks on their personal blogs and websites. Below is a list of links that are very important if anyone wants to use the Genesis powered theme.

– StudioPress Documentation: This site has a lot of great tutorials, published by the creators themselves.

– Genesis Tutorials: This is a personal blog containing great genesis ideas and tutorials for theme developers.

– Genesis Plugins: There are tons of great plugins for the Genesis theme available in the plugin directory of wordpress. Many of these plugins are developed by third party vendors, but they are still great.

– StudioPress Themes: Studio Press themselves have their own shopping center for their Genesis framework. So for non-developers, you can easily purchase many different child themes created by Studiopress themselves.

In Conclusion

The Genesis Framework theme is very easy to use, and backed up by a huge community of users, full of features and updated constantly. This theme is used by many of the top people in the internet and blogging world, such as ProBlogger Founder Darren Rowse, and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. So if there was one theme to pick, the Genesis Theme is the way to go.

Genesis Case Studies: The Awesome and the Downright Hideous

The Genesis theme portfolio is known for its visual appeal, responsive code, and flexible framework. Yet having this powerful and sleek weapon at your disposal does not guarantee that your website will be a bona fide success.

In fact, we’ve found plenty of examples of sites using Genesis that got it completely wrong. We’ve found one particular example that can be easily added to the ‘hideous’ pile and then some. To contrast these insults to aesthetics, we’re also giving an example of a site that actually leverages the framework in the right way.

The Awesome: The Cultureist

Unique logo? Check. Stunning photography? Check. Inspiring content that will knock your socks off? Double check. The Cultureist has taken the Genesis Magazine theme and taken it to a whole new level.

What really set this website apart is the individual love and care given to each and every blog posts, image and image. They don’t just plunk any old photo as the Featured Image, but make sure it fits the theme of the post and always adheres to the strict quality guidelines.

The company has also invested in a custom logo, in-house banner advertisements, and a carefully curated Instagram account that’s featured on the home page. Going custom doesn’t require a huge investment either – just a few select pieces can help you stand out from the crowd straight away.

Finally, the Culturalist really shines through its incredible content. And that’s what really sets websites apart from the rest. People want to consume something that’s actually worth reading and this website exudes that from top to bottom.

The Downright Hideous: Dentist Edinburgh

We’re glad that these guys are only going to be in charge of our gnashers, because they’ve really made a mess of the otherwise simplistically stunning Wintersong Pro theme. This theme is usually a perfect example of minimalism in action, but in this case it’s anything but.

Dentist Edinburgh is plain, lacks imagination, and has no real direction. Where’s the navigation? Why is there just one image? All we see is the dreaded ‘wall of text’ and a boring 1-minute YouTube video. Not exactly inspiring!

What’s also glaringly obvious is the distinct lack of navigation. The website looks like a one-pager (why not use the Landing Page post type?), but it’s actually relatively complex and layered. A basic site:URL search on Google shows that there are forty-seven indexed pages – why do we not get even the smallest sense of this when we hit the home page?

What this exercise has shown us is that while Genesis is a good framework for your website, it won’t do everything for you. Without a dash of imagination and investment in finding the right images and text, your site is going to look as boring as the standard WordPress theme that comes out of the box with every installation.

Remember, websites are all about converting that traffic. If your site screams ugly from the rooftops, you’re going to get nowhere in a real hurry. Our recommendation? Invest in a designer to add a couple of custom graphics and let Genesis do the rest.

The Importance Of Responsive Design

With more and more people using mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, it is becoming clear that mobile is taking over when it comes to surfing the web. It goes beyond that too though. Everything from checking social media sites, emails and even doing some shopping can now be done with a mobile device.

With this increased usage of the internet on mobile platforms, it has become very important for businesses and website owners to have a mobile friendly site. Previously, most people had one site designed for traditional desktop users and another design specifically for mobile users. However, now you can have a site that can be optimized for both the desktop and mobile platforms. This new type of design is what is referred to as responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design – What Is It?

To put it simply, responsive design means that a website is made so that the structure and content of a site is the same no matter what device you access it on. So when a user visits a site using a desktop, they will get a full view of the website. When that user uses a smartphone to access the same site, a retracted version will be shown that fits the smaller screen. A good example of this can be seen by visiting MedicalCareersHub.com. The site uses a responsive WordPress theme that allows users to view the site through any platform.

With a responsive design for your website, there is no need to worry about having different websites for different platforms. One website is all that you need as your site will show up properly on mobile devices and desktops.

So what other reasons are there for making the switch to responsive design?

Well for starters, more people are going mobile as mentioned before. Just take a look around at any public venue. What you’ll find is that just about everyone is on a smartphone.

The second reason is that it is recommended by Google. Why does this matter? The answer is simple as Google owns about 67 percent of the search market share, by far the most popular search engine in the world. Google realizes that responsive design offers website visitors a much better user experience, keeping them engaged and on your site. Otherwise, these visitors will go elsewhere for their information, increasing your bounce rates and harming your SEO.

Responsive design can also help increase your conversion rates. This is obvious as a website that is not optimized for mobile users will not be able to convert.

This was mentioned briefly before, but responsive design also provides users with a better user experience. They don’t have to mess with zooming in and out of your site as much to view content. Instead, it will automatically adjust to fit the size of whatever screen they are viewing on.

Lastly, responsive design will help you stay ahead of your competition. There is a good chance that many of your competitors are not making use of responsive design yet. This is especially true for small business owners. So take advantage of this and it could help you take customers from your competition.

The SEO-Advantage of Genesis Framework for WordPress

In this time and day, why would you want to spend tens of hundreds of hours and resources on building a website from scratch? Even the most advanced developers take advantage of frameworks that readily provide a lot of the initial code needed for designing a functional website. When it comes to looking for information on building a website, you will discover that WordPress sites and Genesis Theme Framework and its child themes are all the buzz. Why do so many users – both developers and non-developers use the Genesis Framework? It boasts of many outstanding features including Search Engine Optimization. Discover the SEO advantage of using Genesis for WordPress.

Understanding SEO

The logic behind search engine optimization for your website is making it easily understandable and discoverable both by human users and search engine robots. Without a good ranking, chances of your site attracting leads, prospects, clients, buyers or subscribers which are your target audiences is very slim to none. Simply put, without SEO your website remains invisible and so will your profit. With Genesis Framework, it’s easier to achieve and maintain a good search result ranking and this is one of the major reasons why it use widely used and recommended.

Genesis is Search Engine Optimized

Genesis Theme Framework is a smart foundation for search optimized WordPress sites, making it an important tool not only in web design and development but also in your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – the key to online success. Here are some features that make your website more relevant for search engines, affecting your rankings positively:

  • Clean, Lightweight Code. Websites with clean, lightweight code not only loads faster but allows easy access for search engine bots to crawl through your pages and get crucial insights on each page’s relevance to specific search terms. Load time is also discussed in milliseconds and with ‘page load time’ now a crucial part of the Google algorithm, your website has already given your business a big competitive advantage.
  • Schema Markup. Genesis now supports the schema.org code, and in SEO the Schema markup is considered one of the latest developments. The Schema markup makes use of a unique semantic vocabulary that allows you to output microdata in your WordPress website’s code. This means that some content are indexed and returned in search results in a different, yet better way leading to enhanced Google Authorship identification.
  • Automatic Updates. StudioPress has hired the best developers to create and continually develop the Genesis Framework. With automatic updates, you will never have to worry about your site getting outdated and outranked. Your WordPress code is always fully optimized.
  • Built-in SEO feature: All of Genesis child themes already have Theme SEO setting, which allows you to edit SEO Title, meta description, meta keyword, so you don’t have to bother with SEO plugin anymore.

genesis seo setting


Moreover, you can now set up your Google Plus profile quickly, also you are able to change SEO setting of home page, sitewide, every pages and posts easily.

  SEO - genesis frameworkConclusion

As Genesis framework has become quite popular, this gives you some advantages. There are plenty of resources, tutorials and help available out there for Genesis. If you are quite new to web, HTML, or SEO, Genesis is highly recommended.